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Need to find that perfect dress for your next big event but don’t want to drop too much dough on expensive designer duds? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions then we may have found your biggest new ally in dominating the fashion world. has hundreds of designer dresses and accessories in new condition available for rent at just a fraction of their retail price.

You can choose to shop by type of event, which lists appropriate dress and accessory choices per event, or shop by designer if you already have a favorite!

Another great and truly unique aspect of the site is the “Find Women Like Me” feature. Previous customers are asked to submit a photograph of themselves in their rented wear, along with their dimensions and a rating of the product. With the “Find Women Like Me” tool, searching customers simply enter in their own dimensions and can search from numerous pictures of similarly proportioned customers wearing their rented rags.

This is a fabulous way to eliminate certain fears associated with online shopping. Obviously the dress on the 5’11” model will look different on my 5’4” frame, but with this tool I can get a great idea of how any dress will fit on someone who matches my frame.

The designer jewelry offered on this site is not something to be shadowed by the designer dresses. There are so many gorgeous options; from simple and chic to intricate and elegant, I would be surprised if I couldn’t find the perfect piece of jewelry to accent my dress for the night.

Also, browsing their website you will notice they manage a blog for their customers to enjoy. This blog is filled with professional tips and tricks that will catch your eye. Read articles on finding the perfect hairstyle, surviving holiday shopping, and anything in between!

All in all, offers so much to its customers, it’s hard to stay away! Even when I don’t have a big event coming up, I’m always looking for the next best dress they have to offer. It’s the perfect way to dress to impress without breaking the bank!

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